What does the program consist of?

We offer individual office visits with Dr. Harris as well as total health plans to include office visits at regular intervals, nutrition counseling, and functional fitness with our partner, Fit Revival. In order to provide the highest level of patient care, we do not accept health insurance however any imaging or referrals will be eligible for insurance coverage per policy of the referral facility.

Is this Program right for me?

If you think that this program could be a good fit for you, you can schedule a consult with Dr. Allyn Harris

I have diabetes and high blood pressure. Can you help me?

YES! Dr. Harris is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and can manage these and other chronic diseases with prescription drugs as indicated, but we want to help you do more than just manage your chronic disease. The healthcare system in this country is set up to keep you sick and therefore a lifetime customer of prescription drugs. While these medications are sometimes necessary, we want to guide you in a supervised exercise program and dietary changes to help you take back your life and look forward to the day you are able to stop your medications as together we move from managing disease to curing disease.

Why we don't take insurance?

Health insurance reimbursement is skewed to pay appropriately for procedures but not for a physician’s time. As a result, doctors are forced to shorten patient visits in order to just cover overhead. We feel that a 15 minute visit is ineffective in addressing the total health of our patients and therefore choose not to accept health insurance in order to provide a higher quality of care. We will provide you with a receipt of your visit that can be filed with your insurer to be applied toward your deductible, and in some cases directly reimbursed to you.

What do I get for my money?

We promise to see you at your scheduled appointment time with no wait. Dr. Harris will also spend a full 50 minutes with you allowing ample time to address your concerns. If you choose a total health plan, you will have an exercise program under medical supervision as well as accountability for your prescribed exercise and dietary choices.

Do I still need health Insurance?

Yes. Health insurance should be maintained in order to cover any large costs such as hospital stays or surgeries. In an analogy with car insurance, this insurance is in place to protect from the high cost that would be incurred from a wreck, however doesn’t cover routine maintenance on the vehicle. Clinic visits are analogous to routine maintenance and a catastrophic event resulting in surgeries and hospital stays would be akin to a crash that resulted in totaling the vehicle.

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